My first Float Spa at Platinum Studios Salon and Spa in Eureka, CA

Updated: Mar 29

I've known Shawnatee for almost as long as I've lived in Humboldt County. When I saw that she had added a float spa to her Platinum Studio's Hair Salon and Spa, I was stoked because I thought it sounded cool. Then Shawnatee signed up to have her business shared on Rhapsodic Global, and I knew what I had to do. I booked myself an appointment to float in one of their Dream Pods.

Shawnatee and dedicated staff have operated the Platinum Studio Salon and Spa since March of 2008. The Float Spa is a recent development, and I can say that everybody really should try it once, though I hear repeat use increases benefits!

The float spa is basically a giant pod jacuzzi filled with saline (salt) water, which gives a person the experience of weightlessness while increasing buoyancy causing them to float. Platinum Studio's Dream Pods were equipped with optional peaceful lights and music. The water is the same temperature as a persons skin, causing one to feel the sensation of being one with their environment. The experience is very calming, and for many the goal is to empty the mind in meditation.

The Staff Member gave me very simple clear directions about how to use the float pod, and where I could find everything in the room, plus let me know that there is a shower we must use before and after floating. I tried with and without music and lights, with the neck floatie without it, lightly misted myself with fresh water, got salt water in my eye while laying on my stomach, pretty much everything I could do while floating. Overall the experience was really pretty relaxing, though I had to explore the weightlessness and "swim" around a little. I wish I could swim in a big pool of that water so I could make water angles and feel silly.

The float spa is large though, there was a lot more space than I expected. I have been feeling pretty relaxed and overall happy since floating. I've read that taking all that weight off the muscles along with the water temperature of a float spa is healing. Also, I've read that we benefit from the minerals in the water too. I definitely felt things I hadn't before, noticing different aches and stuff in my body made me want to pay better attention to my health overall. The vibe I got at the Platinum Studio Salon and Spa is that self care can be a gratifying experience that brings authentic beauty into our lives.

I'm grateful I got to experience a float tank at the Platinum Studio Salon and Spa, and I encourage people of Humboldt to go to Platinum Studio's website to see all of the services they have available before jumping straight in the float spa.

After my Float Spa experience at Platinum Studio Salon and Spa in Eureka, CA.

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