The Trim Scene

I got my hair cut at The Trim Scene in Arcata, CA. They do walk ins only, so I went on down to see what the buzz is about. First impression as I walked in is the staff is keenly present, as they greeted me with an affirmation of my hair cut. Serena showed me where to put my things, asked my name, and introduced herself.

Serena was very comfortable, and open to what I was asking, did a great job honestly I really like my haircut. She gave me a few options, the conversation was casual, she listened and didn't hesitate to tell me about herself. I told her I would write this blog about The Trim Scene, and she seemed to understand my point welcoming the free promotion for her and her store.

I learned that Serena has an affinity for cutting hair, that she chose to follow her passion after grooming her dog once as a kid. She cut her friends hair, and eventually chose to go to Beauty School, a good decision according to her. She told me she colors naturally, and I asked if she ever does that to people's hair, which she answered yes and was excited to share with me about one of her favorite coloring jobs.

I can honestly see myself going to The Trim Scene on a frequent basis after getting my haircut there, it was quick and easy. The price was right, and it looks good, I have even caught a few looks around the bar as I write this. I went to the Richards Goat after getting my haircut, they have wifi. I definitely recommend getting a haircut at The Trim Scene, remember Serena is who you want to have coloring your hair. Check me out!

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