Diggin' Dirt

Updated: Jun 27

Diggin Dirt has been planting its roots in Humboldt County since 2011 and its growth has shown no signs of slowing. Ranging from Roots Rock Reggae to Afrobeat and Heavy Funk, Diggin Dirt searches the earth for the dirtiest of grooves to make you dance and enjoy every bit of life. You gotta dig that dirt!

The first time I saw Diggin' Dirt, it was at the Jambalaya in Arcata, CA. The show was sold out, I barely got in, ended up buying a t-shirt because I had so much fun. I love seeing Zack sing, we went to middle school together and he is super talented as is the rest of the band. Tyler who plays the saxophone is also very cool. I have yet to make a connection with the rest of the band, but good vibes from all of em including Joey who shared a few drinks with me that night.

I highly recommend anyone check em out, on their website or at one of their shows!


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