The First Step is The Hardest

Updated: Jun 27

I am about to go on a Grand Adventure. I am going to leave the comfort of my home in Arcata, CA, and venture East to Tennessee. This mission will require that I let go of many belongings that have helped me get where I am, and I will be leaving my home town with no certainty to how I will return. What awaits me in Tennessee is the opportunity to start a new Communities page on this website, and to learn about a particular productive interest that I feel fond of; growing cannabis for hemp.

If I'm lucky, I'll be learning about the cultivation of hemp/cbd crop for the material and medical uses that cannabis provides with a friend named Jamie. I have a place to lay my head and work in Nashville, which is where I'll be going first. You bet I'll be bringing my #ChulaMent, the "Djin" a sitar sounding homemade instrument gifted to me by a friend, and my Jimbay along with a couple microphones and shakers. I'll have my laptop, to blog on this site of course, my dog Trip, and probably a few pairs of clothes.

I'm thinking about selling my truck, "Buttafly" after three years of doing good work together. When I got the truck it was symbolic for my life changing gears, and these times feel like those times yet greater. I now have a much greater capacity to handle the stress that comes with taking such leaps of faith. I'm going to need all the help I can get if anyone wants to send any donations of any kind.

My mission is to blog about the productive interest of people and communities as I travel. I am excited to be learning about a wide range of skills and hobbies along the way, and I will be connecting like minds and opportunities everywhere I go of course. So far it looks like a friend of mine, Mike from the Bay area wants to make the trip across the states with me. He'll be driving Trip and I to Tennessee, and potentially we will be blogging about a few communities along the way.

I need a couple things to help me get started, however I manifest these items, I need them starting with a decent smartphone that has a good camera for blogging. I currently rock a flip phone, and it doesn't support the wix app I use to communicate and blog with Rhapsodic Global. I'm considering selling my truck for extra money, and thankfully I will get some of my deposit back when I leave this house. I have a couple more weeks of work in Blue Lake, and a couple other job opps available thankfully.

One reason I write this article is that I am excited to share with y'all, and begin my journey around the world. I believe I will make it back home for the summer, to go camping in the woods I know so well and to see family. But I will leave again going wherever there are people willing to share their productive interest with me and you. Another reason I write this article is that I need your help.

Thank you for reading, and for being a part of this dream come true.

Anthony DeLuca

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