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Updated: May 29

It is your Lost Coast Outpost‘s honor and privilege to offer you a new, radness-soaked website within a website that aims to definitively answer the question, “What are you doing tonight, Humboldt?” We give you The LoCO Lowdown, the Outpost‘s snazzy local event/concert/community calendar. Click on over there if you would. Things we like about The Lowdown: Easy to use local event/concert listings that are formatted to fit your computer, tablet or mobile device. Every day we will highlight an event or events we deem worthy of your interest and bring you video/audio/visuals to assist you in planning how to spend your entertainment dollar. You have the ability to submit your event, which will then go instantly live onto The Lowdown. (We’ll clean it up for ya.) Each day page includes movie times for all our local theaters.


This Promo Blog was written by Lost Coast Outpost of lostcoastoutpost.com, and donated to RhapsodicGlobal.org!

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