Anthony DeLuca is AnTone Dope Logic

Updated: May 29

When I was 18 years old a near death experience taught me the two rules I still live by today, and that I wanted to learn how to rap before I finished this life. The two rules are simple;

I won't force my will onto others or allow someone to force their will onto me.

Rapping however, posed to be a challenge because I had no musical sense at all. I will eventually write a short book describing all the different things I had to learn before people liked hearing me rap. Thankfully writing had always come naturally, and people were thoughtful enough to give me plenty of advice.

I found rap, found my voice, and music taught me to listen to all the noise respectfully. Rhythm tested me, flow connected deep, and I owe my life to the reflecting peaks. So many people have given their support, I will follow through in accord, true to my names as both an Emcee and Anthony. Thankfully, cause actually, I even got to experience the initiation of the craft complete, given the name "Dope Logic."

Joe from Chicago gave me a shirt with a D and an L emblem for Dope Logic. He had gotten the shirt at a festival, and after I performed a couple songs for a group of friends he decided to give it to me, and Dope Logic became my emcee name. The Urban Dictionary defines "Dope Logic as the thought process of someone who is excessively baked or stoned." Cough* Cough*

I later wrote "AnTone" in a rap and added it as the first name, making Dope my middle name AnTone Dope Logic. As I get older and start having more responsibilities I worry about the word Dope being in my name. I worry people will think it's a reference to drugs, but that's not how I actually like to look at it. I feel like "Dope Logic" is a reference to Creativity and Logic being portrayed together through the one and only, AnTone.

Pursuing a life in what I feel passionate about has given me a lot of great lessons and experiences. I look forward to writing more about them here, and sharing my music through this platform.

"You could tell by my AnTone that my life's an Anthem, through thick and thin and then some, Anthony is random. I guess that's why some people say that some things just won't ever change. If I am all that is, and you are all that is, when we put in our all then we are all that it takes to make a break through. It's a wicked world, don't let it break you. I thought that growing up, but I was only half right had to learn to akrite. It's a fact of life, focus on what matters. The moment is a bullet, catch it or it splatters all over the place when I don't grip the present. When I'm here my gift is presence. If you ever see my out of my head, please just give me a little check or a little respect cause some things may not always make sense. Take a breathe, it's a good thing I have no expectations it can't go right or wrong."

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Photo Editing Credit: Tania Fonseca

Stay Tuned for more Dope Logic to come!

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