Please help our site stay alive, pay for event materials, and fuel our mission with a donation. 
     Our mission is to connect people over a common interest in each others success. We do that by sharing the "Productive Interest" of artist, musicians, crafts people, students, hobbyist, and entrepreneurs locally and abroad on our website. We are creating inspiring content for those who seek new ideas or an affirmation of their own goals.
     Our Connectors learn about what people love to do so we can introduce like minds, and opportunities. Ideally people will see the content on our site, and venture into the websites of Connections establishing new relationships and projects for themselves. We are also happy to help organize and promote events with our Connections such as Do It Yourself workshops, feedback seminars, music & art shows, and homework hangouts. 
     We suggest that people create their own websites for that which they share online, spend less time on social networking sites, and more time creating real world experiences. We believe word of mouth marketing is more effective than social media. Our website is a catalog of the websites who's productive interest we share, but our Connectors are able to remember and suggest our Connections to potential customers and collaborators.
     For those who do not have a website, we offer "Custom Web Pages" and show them how to get their own domain name online. Our custom web pages include whatever content our Connections wish to share, within our capabilities. Custom web pages are offered by optional donation to increase availability. People can use our custom web pages as an ad, an online resume, or a catalog of their work.
     We will always help you achieve in any way we can. Every Connector who shares content on our site has been vetted to assure their supportive nature, and dedication to our mission. We work together to learn the best ways to verify our Connections work, meaning we share no spam or bots. 
     We are dedicated to you and your productive interest because we feel it's beneficial to everyone that you create passionately. Realizing our own potential is just the beginning. Next comes realizing the exponential value of collaboration. There really is no limits to the things we can do when we work together.
Please help our site stay alive, pay for event materials, and fuel our mission with a donation. 
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Social Advertising Network Sharing Productive Interests



Rhapsodic Global is campaigning to become an Association, all of our connections and connectors work independently, our network is donation based.

If you have any questions or comments about our policies, or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please email:

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